Mike Horne

Mike Horne
  • Director of Distressed Transactions, Cerberus Capital
  • COO, Blue Bird Bus, Taxis Financial, Carbon Green &
    AMI Stamping
  • Director of Finance & Operations, Visteon Corporation
  • NA Body & Assembly and Cost Leadership Director,
    Plant Manager, Director of Financial Planning (Product
    Dvpt.), Ford Motor Company
  • MBA & BBA, University of Notre Dame

"In my role as Senior Operating Partner, I champion the seamless integration of process efficiency and budgetary precision with our strategic objectives. My focus is on steering our operations towards not only meeting, but exceeding our financial goals, while maintaining the highest standards of operational excellence. This dual dedication to fiscal discipline and process optimization forms the backbone of our success, ensuring that each project is executed with precision, aligning perfectly with our broader business ambitions. Our ethos is grounded in the belief that meticulous management and financial foresight are pivotal in realizing our vision and sustaining long-term profitability."


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