Marco Giunta

Marco Giunta
  • Chief Revenue Officer, CompuCom
  • Senior Executive, Accenture
  • Director of Professional Services, IBM
  • Degree in Digital Transformation, Darden
  • Graduate Marketing Program, Wharton
    School, University of Pennsylvania

"At the heart of our strategy lies a unique fusion of creativity, marketing acumen, and revenue-focused tactics. As I lead our team to blend innovative thinking with data-driven marketing and revenue-generation strategies. This trinity of roles enables me to ensure that every creative endeavor not only resonates with our audience but also aligns seamlessly with our business goals, driving measurable growth. Our approach is a testament to the power of integrating artistic vision with market insights and financial objectives, crafting a narrative that is not just compelling, but also profitable and sustainable in the long term."
Since 2019, Marco Giunta has been making a significant impact as an Operating Partner at Oak Lane Partners, focusing on driving top-line revenue, particularly in Sales and Marketing for Technology-Enabled portfolio companies. His role at Oak Lane Partners not only taps into his profound sales and marketing expertise but also highlights his adeptness in merger and acquisition (M&A) strategies. This skill is crucial in today's dynamic business environment, where M&A activities play a pivotal role in corporate growth and expansion strategies.Marco's extensive experience is enriched by his previous significant positions at CompuCom, TATA TCS Consulting, Accenture, StorageNetworks, DecisionOne, and IBM. At each of these companies, he didn't just excel in driving revenue growth and developing impactful sales strategies; he also demonstrated a remarkable ability to lead teams towards achieving substantial organizational goals. His tenure in these roles has been marked by a keen understanding of market dynamics and a strategic approach to business development, including the use of M&A as a tool for growth and expansion.


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