Glen Mastey

Glen Mastey
  • MD, Mid-Corp Group & Technology, Media
    and Telecom Banking, Fifth Third Bank
  • MD of Credit Underwriting, CapitalOne &
    National Westminster Bank
  • Equity Research Director & Technology
    Services Investment Banker, Prudential
  • Equity Market Maker, Shearson Lehman
  • BS, Rutgers University
"In the realm of high-stakes finance, I embody a blend of analytical rigor, strategic foresight, and deal-making prowess. Steering through complex financial landscapes, I combine deep market insight with quantitative acumen to identify and capitalize on lucrative opportunities. This synergy of skills allows me to navigate intricate financial transactions, ensuring they are not only financially sound but also strategically astute, turning ambitious visions into tangible, profitable realities in the ever-evolving world of finance."


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